Geek Of The Week: Jonathan Ive

Geek Of The Week: Jonathan Ive

The first GOTW of the new year is one of my favorites, Jonathan (Jony) Ive. We have mentioned him on the podcast a couple times (because he enjoys denim a little too much), and now he gets the official GOTW status. UK-born Ive attended Northumbria University and later founded Tangerine, his own design firm, where he was found by Apple and did consulting work for them before taking his current position.

Ive currently holds the title of senior vice president of industrial design at Apple Inc, and has held that position for over a decade. He is responsible for many of the products we know and love. I personally believe he will eventually be the CEO because he has great command of the stage and knows the product well… since he designs them.

Some of Ive’s product designs you might love and use are the iMac, the iPhone, the MacBook, the iPod, and others. He is the mastermind behind those designs and many many more. Look for more good designs from him in 2012!

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