T-Mobile To Offer Contract-Free Unlimited Data Plans

T-Mobile To Offer Contract-Free Unlimited Data Plans

Amidst all the CES excitemnet, T-Mobile made an interesting announcement. The provider announced new unlimited data plans last year, but now they’ve taken it a step further. Starting this month, T-Mobile customers will be able to sign up for a $70/month unlimited text, data, & voice plan with no contract. That’s right… they’re changing the model.

Traditionally, all US cellular providers offer phones only with a 2 year contract. While this allows them to offer things like free smartphones, it locks the consumer into a voice & data plan for the next 2 years. With these rates changing several times a year, T-Mobile feels this model is not beneficial to the consumer. T-Mobile’s answer… pay $70/month now and change your plan at any time. So what’s the catch? You need to pay full price for the phone, so the days of the free smartphone are over with this plan.

Still… the idea has merit. What do you think?

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