Geek Of The Week: Jason Amm

Geek Of The Week: Jason Amm

I seem to be posting a lot of electronic music geeks as GOTWs lately. Already in 2016, we’ve featuredĀ Lori Napoleon, Kraftwerk, and the lateĀ Richard Lainhart. This week we’ll add another talented performer/producer, Jason Amm, to that list. Amm is better known as Solvent in the electronic music community. Under that name, he has released 7 full length albums since 1996. Solvent has also released many singles, and has contributed to several compilation albums. Most of these were released under his record label, Suction Records.

Amm is a huge synthesizer geek with an affinity for instruments ranging from vintage drum machines to modern modular synthesizers. His music runs the gamut from dance to electropop to darkwave. If it’s electronic, he’s probably done it… and nailed it! Amm was also involved in the 2014 documentary I Dream of Wires, which focuses on the birth, rise, death, and rebirth of the modular synthesizer. Its a fantastic film for anyone who is interested in electronic music. I highly recommend it.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Amm continues to make records and inspire electronic musicians everywhere. His work is well known throughout the subculture of synthesizer geeks. I know I am a fan. Now this geek can add GOTW to his resume.

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