Geek Of The Week: Linus Torvalds

Geek Of The Week: Linus Torvalds

For our second Geek Of The Week, I had to choose Linus Torvalds. He is one of the most famous IT geeks that has ever lived! I would venture to say he is in the all time top 5 (probably more like the all time top 3).

Torvalds is credited with the invention of the Linux kernel, and largely credited with beginning the Open Source Software movement. He was the first person to (more than casually) persuade the IT industry that operating system software should be free. This sent waves through the tech industry that have not calmed… even to this day.

linus1991 277x300 Geek Of The Week: Linus Torvalds
Torvalds in 1991

As the years progressed, the Linux OS has become a viable option for home users and businesses alike. It’s powerful enough for enterprise computing, customizable enough to keep geeks happy, and user-friendly enough for casual users. Today Linux is everywhere! From surveillance cameras to wireless routers, many modern devices are powered by Linux. Torvalds created the original Linux kernel as his Senior Thesis, and he had no idea how far it would go or what he would inspire. Thanks Linus.

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