Geek Of The Week: Kuiil

Geek Of The Week: Kuiil

3 weeks ago, our GOTW series featured IG-11, one of the droids from The Mandalorian, which is currently available to Disney+ subscribers. This week, we feature Kuiil, another character from the fantastic show.

Kuiil, pronounced queel, is an Ugnaught farmer who was formerly an indentured servant for the Galactic Empire. After the fall of the Empire in 6 ABY, he settled on the remote planet of Arvala-7 and found work as a vapor farmer. Eventually smugglers and bandits took over the planet so Kuiil assists Din Djarin, the show’s protagonist, in getting rid of them. Kuiil has a propensity for fixing things and he is also an excellent negotiator. Kuiil helps Djarin multiple times throughout the first season and ends up being one of the most memorable characters. The wise nomadic farmer is voiced by Nick Nolte.

If you haven’t seen The Mandolorian yet, I highly recommend you check it out. Every Star Wars fan should watch this series. It’s full of Easter eggs and obscure references any Star Wars geek will love.

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