Wireless Charging Is About To Get A Lot Better

Wireless Charging Is About To Get A Lot Better

Wireless chargers seem to be the next big thing in mobile technology. Apple, Samsung, and others are using it as a selling point on their flagship smartphones. However, the technology is still limited because it typically requires the device to be placed on some sort of charging pad, which is often larger and/or heavier than a wall wart. Additionally, not all manufactures pads are compatible with all devices.

However, this may be changing soon. Motorola and Xiaomi both showcased their latest wireless charging technology this week. The Motorola solution is said to have a 100 cm reach and Xiaomi’s tech claims a radius of several meters. Both prototypes can charge multiple devices at once. This is what consumers actually want. Imagine not even having to take your phone out of your pocket to charge it. Just placing a device within several feet of the charging station will charge it.

Neither solution has a release date or price yet, but it shows where the industry is headed.

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