Windows Phone 7: The Year In Review

Windows Phone 7: The Year In Review

Ever since Steve Ballmer demonstrated Windows Phone 7 (WP7) at CES 2010, the tech world has anxiously waited to see what this Microsoft’s latest and greatest mobile OS had to offer.

After a multitude of delays, the first WP7 handsets were released in November of 2010 (on AT&T and T-Mobile). Highly awaited sales metrics were delivered in December 2010, but they were not impressive… in fact, they were downright sad.

At CES 2011, Ballmer again took the stage to talk about the future of WP7. Everyone was predicting a lot of positive press during the coming year, but unfortunately it did not happen. icon sad Windows Phone 7: The Year In Review

Here’s a month by month look at Windows Phone 7’s progress during 2011. Enjoy.

January: Several WP7 users reported strange bills. Microsoft blamed the issue on a third party. Carriers released more WP7 metrics which were just as unimpressive as the ones released a month earlier.

February: Microsoft released an update for WP7 that added copy/paste functionality (and other features). The update was pulled shortly after release for rendering some phones inoperable.

March: Rumors circulated about Microsoft partnering with Nokia to push WP7. The rumors turned out to be true. Research firm IDC published some predictions stating WP7 would be the #1 mobile OS by 2015.

April: Gartner posted their mobile OS market share predictions which also showed WP7 being a front runner by 2015.

May: Verizon jumped on the WP7 bandwagon while Microsoft held a VIP event to discuss the future of WP7.

June & July: WP7 handsets came to US Cellular and the Windows Home Server connector was released. More importantly… Angry Birds was released for WP7. Now that’s some good news. icon smile Windows Phone 7: The Year In Review

August: ZDNet claims WP7 is the most stable mobile operating system on the market. The claim is emphatically refuted by many industry analysts.

September: Microsoft allegedly spends millions of dollars to train salespeople on WP7, and Nokia allegedly starts paying developers for WP7 apps.

October: Nokia’s long awaited WP7 phone lineup finally takes shape, and goes on sale in Europe. The US release is expected before the holidays.

November: As a holiday sales incentive, Microsoft announced a promotion to deliver $25 in free apps with every WP7 device purchase.

December: Nokia’s long awaited WP7 handsets are slated for release in the US. Rumor has it T-Mobile will be the first carrier, and they handsets should be in stores by week’s end.

Well… there are the highlights. What do you think? Was this a successful year for WP7 or another bomb for Microsoft?

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