How Long Is a Dissertation: All You Wanted to Know

How long is a dissertation paper? If you are writing your first dissertation, this is probably one of the most pressing concerns you have about the task at hand. In contrast to typical undergraduate essays, your dissertation’s directions almost infrequently include a word count requirement. 

It is now up to you to decide on the perfect dissertation page length and create a document that satisfies the requirements set by your faculty. To clear up any doubts you may have had about your dissertation, this post will analyze dissertation length. 

Instead of the clichéd response “as long as needed,” this article will provide you with a realistic estimate of the word count for various types of papers, enabling you to create a paper that is within the permissible dissertation length range. 

Average dissertation length

No set word count range for dissertations or optimal word count constitutes the finest dissertation. This flexibility enables you to choose from a wide range of topics and thoroughly research your hypothesis, thereby extending your results to a specific point. 

Nevertheless, depending on your level of study, the ranges for your dissertation and thesis may change. Without further ado, let’s examine the limits for different types of papers and the causes of the length variations. 

How long are dissertations?

The length of a dissertation is determined by several things. The subject field, your research methodologies, and whether your research was based on quantitative or qualitative methods are foremost among these variables. 

Work in STEM is shorter, with an average page count of 160, and frequently relies on primary research. As opposed to this, a non-STEM paper frequently uses secondary sources and qualitative research.

These essays typically range from 200 to 400 pages in length since they typically contain a considerable number of arguments as there is abundant evidence to support and refute various views. It is important to keep in mind that many faculties advise that the word count of your paper, excluding references, footnotes, and bibliographies, be no more than 80,000. 

How long is a college thesis?

Depending on the topic’s difficulty and the quantity of depth in your work, a college thesis can be between thirty and fifty pages long. The doctoral dissertation, which can be three to four times longer than the thesis and has a word count of 20,000, is much lengthier than the thesis. 

The difference in length between a thesis and a dissertation results from the fact that a thesis is based on previously published research, but a dissertation is based on unique investigation and analysis by the student. 

How long is a thesis statement?

The ideal length for a thesis statement is between one and two sentences. This is because thesis statements should be well-developed and succinct and represent the main argument of your dissertation. However, difficult subjects could require up to three or four lines, to sum up, your essay. 

Master thesis length 

The number of pages in a master’s thesis might range from fifty to thirty, depending on the requirements of your department, the advice of your professors, and the research approach. These research papers are intended to demonstrate your expertise on the subject, not to compile a large study. 

Phd dissertation length 

The lengthiest college essay tasks are PhD dissertations. PhD dissertations, in contrast to other forms of essays, typically rely on primary research rather than secondary sources to establish a claim. 

Additionally, PhD papers frequently explore more complicated subjects, necessitating longer articles to clarify. These elements account for the PhD dissertation’s 100–200-page length. However, many faculties advise against having a dissertation longer than 320 pages. 

How many words are in a dissertation chapter?

The length of each dissertation chapter varies according to how well it contributes to the development of your thesis. The abstract, which typically has 200 to 300 words, is the smallest part of the essay.

The introduction takes up 10 to 15 pages of the entire document because it is crucial to draw attention to the gaps in the literature, as well as to clarify the research questions and thesis statement. The literature review contributes significantly to the length of your thesis and typically consumes twenty to twenty-five pages of your dissertation. In this section, previous research in your field is typically critiqued to show the significance of your topic’s research. 

The methodology typically has ten to fifteen pages and describes your methods for gathering and analyzing data. The results chapter follows this one, summarizing the results of the experiments done in no more than ten pages. The discussion, which takes up fifteen to twenty pages of your essay and interprets your findings, is another key element.

Final take

We hope that this article has cleared up any questions you may have had about the recommended dissertation page count. Please feel free to contact our specialists for assistance with any academic problems you may run across while studying.

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