Early Apple Rumors for 2012

Early Apple Rumors for 2012

As always, the rumor mills have been abuzz with Apple-related predictions for the new year. The iPad 3 seems to be a lock, as does the iPhone 5. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the AppleTV as well. Here are the most popular rumors I could find, along with their expected dates. Keep in mind… these are only rumors. Enjoy.

Q1 2012: During the first quarter, we will likely see the next revision of iPad, currently dubbed the iPad 3. Some analysts speculate it will be available in two sizes, the traditional 9.7″ size, plus a smaller 7″ size (artist’s rendition shown above). The price will likely stay the same for the larger model with the smaller one coming in around $299. Both devices are expected to take advantage of Apple voice control technology, Siri, which will be taken out of beta in Q1.

Q2 2012: The second quarter is expected to bring us the latest in the AppleTV evolution. Some are saying AppleTV 3 will be another set top box with new features, while other think Apple will reveal a physical TV with the technology already integrated. The press has labeled this device the iTV. Some analyst have even speculated about the size, saying the initial offering will include 32″ and 37″ models. Regardless of the format, this product will also bring enhancements to iCloud.

Q3 2012: The penultimate quarter of 2012 will bring us the latest evolution in the iPhone line. The iPhone 5, as it is being referred to, will undoubtedly be thinner, lighter, and 4G-capable. It will likely be unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) during the 2nd quarter. There has also been talk of it going to additional carriers including T-Mobile and US Cellular. It is expected that iOS 6, also shown at WWDC, will be released when the iPhone 5 hits store shelves.

Q4 2012: Getting back to the Mac, many analysts are expecting Mac OS X 10.8 to be released before the holidays. Additionally, it is expected that the entire desktop line will be revamped during 2012 sending Apple into the holiday season with a new OS and new line of desktops. There have been little details leaked, but 10.8 is expected to have tighter integration with iOS and iCloud. It is also expected to take advantage of Siri in some way shape or form.

Well, there you have it… the 2012 Apple rumor roundup. Granted it’s early, but we’ll have to revisit this next year and see how close these rumors were. In any case, have a great new year. 🙂

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