CES 2012 Starts Next Week!

CES 2012 Starts Next Week!

One week from today, January 10, marks the start of 2012’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This is the first major technology trade show of the year. Many of the years predictions come from the announcements at CES. It also shows the world a preview of the coming year’s hardware trends. Most analysts are predicting Ultrabooks (like Apple’s MacBook Air) to be a major focus at this year’s show. In addition, LG has already announced they will release a new TV with approximately 4 times the resolution of current 1080p. Undoubtedly, HDTVs and set top boxes from all manufacturers will be a hot topic as they are every year. Mobile devices are also expected to generate quite a buzz, with Android 4 taking the center stage. As always, the “booth babes” are expected to be everywhere (see photos below from previous shows). They are a popular topic of discussion every year. In any case, we look forward to more tech news in the next couple weeks.

boothbabes1 CES 2012 Starts Next Week!

boothbabes3 CES 2012 Starts Next Week!

boothbabes2 CES 2012 Starts Next Week!

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