WWDC 2012 Keynote Wrap Up

WWDC 2012 Keynote Wrap Up

Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage this morning in front of a packed house of WWDC attendees. Apple’s keynote address signifies the beginning of the week long developer’s conference, held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, known as WWDC. Apple also tends to make some important product announcements during the keynote. This year was no exception. A rundown of announcements is listed below.


The most publicized rumor for WWDC was Macbook updates. This turned out to be true. The Macbook Air line was updated with faster processors and USB 3 connectivity. They also updated the Macbook Pro line (both 13″ and 15″ models). These newer sleeker Macbooks are said to be lightest and thinnest to date. There is even an option to add a Retina display to the Macbook Pro. This is a costly option, but the resolution is said to be jaw dropping. The 17″ MBP seems to have gone the way of the dodo.

Mac OS X

Apple has been talking about Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion since last year, but WWDC fans saw a deeper dive today. Needless to say, the latest desktop OS is packed full of new features (including: Facebook integration, AirPlay mirroring, Auto Save, Power Nap, Dictation, and Notification Center). Apple also announced a ship date of July for the new operating system. It will be a $20 upgrade for Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 106) and Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) users.

iOS 6

In addition, Apple demonstrated their next mobile operating system, iOS 6, during the keynote. The next generation of iOS will make dramatic updates to Siri (now coming to the iPad), FaceTime (now available over cellular networks), and now offers native Facebook integration. Another new feature, Passbook, is designed to hold boarding passes and movies/concert tickets. Apple has also revamped Maps to use their own framework in favor of Google Maps.

This was also the first WWDC keynote since the passing of the company’s founder Steve Jobs. Cook made mention of this and was said to be somewhat distraught during this speech. All in all, this was an fairly eventful keynote and we’re all anxious to see what the week brings.

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