15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

It’s that time of year again. Now is the season when we brave the malls on a quest to find gifts for all the special geeks in our lives. Though nerds are notoriously challenging to shop for, here is a list of various geek gifts I’ve amassed while perusing the web. All are less than $100 and available for purchase at www.ThinkGeek.com. That should help you avoid the holiday crowds. icon wink 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

Linux Fish Emblem ($4): The equivalent of the Darwin fish for computer gurus, this emblem comes is both magnetic and adhesive varieties. It is four bucks well spent on any IT geek.

linuxfish 4 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

CPU Wars Card Game ($7): A basic trump game… but instead of suits or numbers, the cards depict computer processors. You learn a bit about microprocessors as you play. Wow! How nerdy is this game?

cpuwars 7 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

Mars Necklace ($10): Give that special geek lady a way to show off her geekiness and look fashionable while doing it. This necklace accurately depicts the red planet and makes a great stocking stuffer!

marsnecklace 10 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

Lego Calculator ($13): There are two things every math geek loves: building blocks and calculators. This little gadget brings both of them together. It is aesthetic, functional, and comes in two colors.

legocalculator 13 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

Vulcan Oven Mitt ($15): If you’re a Star Trek fan and you like to cook, it is illogical for you be without one of these in your kitchen. Cook long and prosper Admiral. icon smile 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

spockovenmit 15 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

Dexter Apron ($20): The show Dexter has definitely found a following with all sorts of geeks. This fashionable apron brings the serial killer right into your kitchen. Creepy… but awesome.

dexterapron 20 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

Star Wars Earrings ($25): Yet another way for a sci-fi loving lady to show off her inner fanboy… er… fangirl. These earrings come in both Rebellion and Empire logos. Subtle… yet really dorky.

starwarsearrings 25 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

Portal Bookends ($30): Every nerd has a collection of books. Now you can show them off with these clever bookends. These are perfect for computer manuals, science books, or graphic novels.

portalbookend 30 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

iPhone Arcade ($40): Old school 8-bit arcade games have officially arrived on your iPhone… complete with classic styling and controls. Seriously… how cool is this little thing?

iphonearcade 40 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

Portable Keyboard & Trackpad ($45): In this age of touchscreen devices, it seems like everyone is always looking for a keyboard. This device comes in USB or Bluetooth models and includes a tiny trackpad.

minikeyboard 45 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

Space Invaders Wall Graphics ($50): Turn an ordinary white wall into a tribute to the 80’s arcade classic. These colorful graphics bring the game to life in your home or office.

wallgraphics 50 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

Star Wars Bathrobe ($56): What do you get the geek who has everything? A bath robe modeled after a Star Wars character. The Stormtrooper Robe is shown below, but there are Boba Fett and R2D2 versions too.

stromtrooperrobe 56 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

Bluetooth Headset Gloves ($70): Remember when you were a kid an you’d talk into your hand pretending it was a phone? Well… these gloves turn those childhood antics into reality.

bluetoothgloves 70 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

iOS Missile Launcher ($80): We featured the USB version as a gift idea 2 years ago. Now there’s anĀ iOS-compatible wireless rendition of this geeky gadget. Launch foam rockets remotely. Yes!!!

iosmissiles 80 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote ($99): This little gadget is a “must have” for any serious Dr. Who fan. The Sonic Screwdriver does it all… and now it even changes TV channels. icon smile 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

sonicscrewdriver 99 15 Geeky Gifts Under $100

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