WWDC 2013 Wrap Up

WWDC 2013 Wrap Up

Earlier today, Tim Cook stepped on stage and kicked off Apple’s WWDC 2013. The week-long developer conference is now underway and, compared to previous years, today’s keynote speech was quite impressive. Cook revealed some numbers and general stats, but quickly got “down and dirty” releasing a slew of new Apple products.

New versions of both Mac OS X and iOS were demonstrated before the record-sized crowd. New hardware and software were introduced during the event. Some of the rumors turned out to be true, but others caught everyone completely by surprise. This keynote reminded me a lot of the pre-2007 keynotes. It’s one of the better Apple events in recent years. And now… with not further ado… let’s see what they released. icon smile WWDC 2013 Wrap Up

Mac OS X Mavericks

The next version of Mac OS X (v 10.9) will do away with the linage of cat names. It will be called Mac OS X Mavericks and it will be available this fall. Apple claims they added a lot of power users features including Finder tabs, tags, and multiple display support just to name a few. Needless to say, the interface looks very polished.

iOS 7

Apple’s flagship mobile operating system has been completely redesigned for version 7. The interface, look, and feel have all been updated with major changes to all the integrated apps (messages, maps, notifications, etc). Even Siri got some desirable updates. This OS looks really promising. It will run on iPhone 4 and later as well as iPad 2 and later.

Mac Pro (shown above)

Perhaps the least expected and most welcomed release was the new Mac Pro. This system is radically different from it’s predecessors and is 100% made in the USA. The new Mac Pro is small, cylindrical, black, and fast!!! It does away with expansion cards and optical drive bays, but has graphics power to spare. No release date or price was announced.

Macbook Air

Apple’s flagship ultrabook got some updates as well. Most were minor, but the big difference is the battery life. Due to Intel’s new energy efficient processors, this baby now lasts up to 12 hours! All the new Macbook Airs will also support the 802.11AC WiFi standard. Unlike iOS 7, Mac OS X Mavericks, and the Mac Pro, these are in stores today.

iWork for iCloud

Many analyst have speculated about the future of iWork. While several thought it would go the way of the do do, it actually went the way of iCloud… literally. The productivity suite will now be browser-based to allow the same interface from both Windows and Mac. This looks like some serious competition for Google Docs.

iTunes Radio

As the rumor mills predicted, Apple did release a new radio service called iTunes Radio. The natural evolution of iTunes Match, this service allows you to have all your music on all your devices. Part iTunes and part Pandora, it looks like a really good design that is extremely flexible. I’m anxious to hear more about this service when it arrives this fall.


Since Apple updated the Macbook Pro to be 802.11AC compliant, they also needed to update the Airport line of WiFi products. The new series does away with the “pancake” style in favor of a “tower” form factor. Apple claims the new Airport is up to 3 times faster than its predecessor. Like the MacBook Air, these are available for purchase immediately.

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