A Dozen Geeky Gifts For $30 Or Less

A Dozen Geeky Gifts For $30 Or Less

Since it’s the holiday shopping season, we decided to do another list of great geek gifts. All of these items are $30 or less and available for purchase at www.ThinkGeek.com. Hopefully these suggestions will get your brain working so you can find the right present for that special geek in your life. Order online and avoid the crowds at the malls. Here are our picks for this year’s top 12. Enjoy.

Ladies of Star Wars Playing Cards ($4): Every Star Wars geek will appreciate this deck of playing cards. Each card features a different lady from the movies. Princess Leia, Padme, Oola… they’re all here.

swladies cards A Dozen Geeky Gifts For $30 Or Less

8-bit Sunglasses ($8): Sunglasses that look like they came straight out of a 1980’s video game. A must for any fan of retro arcade games and technology. Check them out!

8bit sunglasses1 A Dozen Geeky Gifts For $30 Or Less

Pac-Man Heat Changing Coffee Mug ($10): What gamer doesn’t love Pac-Man? Commemorate this classic arcade game with a mug that changes with the temperature. When the mugs is cold, you just see the board, but as it warms up… the game appears.

pacmanmug A Dozen Geeky Gifts For $30 Or Less

Mockingjay Pin ($12): Every Hunger Games fan will love this little gift. It’s a replica of the one worn by District 12’s Catniss Everdeen. A sign of the rebellion!

mockingjay A Dozen Geeky Gifts For $30 Or Less

Lightsaber Earrings ($13): What do you get for a Star Wars fangirl who has everything? How about some geeky jewelry. These elegant earrings are available in Jedi green or Sith red.

lightsaber ear A Dozen Geeky Gifts For $30 Or Less

Sonic Screwdriver Toothbrush ($14): If you have a Dr. Who fan on your shopping list, don’t miss out on this one! This electric toothbrush looks like the instrument carried by the time traveling doctor. Super cool!

sonic screwdriver A Dozen Geeky Gifts For $30 Or Less

Hogwarts Ties ($20): Every guy who loves Harry Potter will want one of these. Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw are represented with their house colors and crests. Bring your inner geek into the boardroom.

harrypotter ties A Dozen Geeky Gifts For $30 Or Less

Starfleet Uniform Aprons ($20): Every trekkie needs one of these. Functional kitchen aprons imitate the Starfleet uniforms seen in the original series. They come in operations red, sciences blue, or command gold. Cook long and prosper Captain.

startrek aprons A Dozen Geeky Gifts For $30 Or Less

Arc Reactor T-Shirt ($24): Every Iron Man lover will appreciate this T-shirt. It comes with a small battery box that holds 3 AAA cells. The center of the chest lights up to reveal an Arc Reactor pattern, just like Tony Stark.

arcreactor shirt A Dozen Geeky Gifts For $30 Or Less

Video Game Cartridge Pillows ($25): Another throwback to the days of 8-bit goodness. These pillows look like giant game cartridges for the classic NES console. A great gift for the retro gamer.

gamepillow A Dozen Geeky Gifts For $30 Or Less

Green Lantern Ring ($30): You too can feel like a Guardian of the Universe with this replica ring. Note: wearing this ring will not allow you to harness unbelievable willpower. Aw shucks!

greenlanternring A Dozen Geeky Gifts For $30 Or Less

Thorin’s Key Necklace ($30): Straight out of The Hobbit, this is a scale replica of Thorin’s key. It is a attached to a cord so it can be worn around your neck. A great gift for Tolkien fans of all ages.

hobit necklace A Dozen Geeky Gifts For $30 Or Less

Honorable Mention:

Laser Guided Pizza Cutter ($30): With this gadget, you’ll never have uneven pizza slices. Super cool!

pizzacutter A Dozen Geeky Gifts For $30 Or Less

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