Sprint & T-Mobile Offer New Plans & Incentives

Sprint & T-Mobile Offer New Plans & Incentives

Sprint announced their new Framily program earlier this week. Though it has a terrible name, the idea has merit. The plans go live later this month and allows subscribers to build a group of 7 friends and family members (thus the word Framily). It’s not just the subscriber who benefits, but also their framily members. Sprint hopes this move will lure subscribers from AT&T and Verizon who currently offer family plans and/or free in-network calling.

T-Mobile on the other hand, is taking a different approach to gain new customers. They are offering to pay any early termination fees associated with changing carriers. Essentially, they’re offering to pay your termination fee if you leave your current carrier. It almost makes you want to switch… doesn’t it? icon wink Sprint & T Mobile Offer New Plans & Incentives

It will be interesting to see what AT&T and Verizon do to try to combat this.

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