Windows 9 Arriving In April 2015?

Windows 9 Arriving In April 2015?

Late last year, Microsoft announced plans for the next version of Windows code-named Threshold. All the latest details point to an April 2015 release date. Let’s take a quick look at the Windows versions released since 2000 and see if we can spot any sort of a pattern.

  • Windows 2000 – February 2000
  • Windows ME – September 2000
  • Windows XP – October 2001
  • Windows Vista – January 2007
  • Windows 7 – October 2009
  • Windows 8 – October 2012
  • Windows 9 – April 2015

Ummm… okay. I guess there’s no pattern whatsoever… unless complete randomness is a pattern. icon wink Windows 9 Arriving In April 2015? However, it does appear they’re trying to get on to a “new version every 3 years” mentality as of late. Hopefully Windows 9 won’t be as late as Vista.

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