Apple Unveils New Stuff!

Apple Unveils New Stuff!

Earlier today, Apple held a special event in Cupertino, California. The event was rumored to reveal the new iPhone and possibly the iWatch. The rumors about a larger iPhone turned out to be true. Two new models were introduced, the 4.7″ iPhone 6 and the 5.5″ iPhone 6 Plus. Both new phones include a slew of new features like the A8 processor, WiFi calling, Voice over LTE (VoLTE), increased battery life, a redesigned camera system, and more. Apple will continue to sell the iPhone 5C and 5S using the following price structure (with 2 year contract): iPhone 5C = Free, iPhone 5S = $99, iPhone 6 = $199, iPhone 6 Plus = $299. All of these prices assume the standard model and larger capacity handsets will be available for an additional charge. Both phones will be available for pre-order this Friday and are expected to ship on the 19th of this month.

camera Apple Unveils New Stuff!

Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 8, will be available for download on 9/17 and will run on a host of existing Apple products including the iPhone 4S (and later), iPad 2 (and later), and the iPod touch 5th generation. The rumors about Apple getting into the mobile wallet business also came true as Apple introduced Apple Pay. It’s a clever system that combines TouchID, Passbook, and an NFC chip. Apple claims this will “reinvent” the mobile wallet by allowing people to use credit cards differently. The service is expected to go live in October of this year.

watch Apple Unveils New Stuff!

The rumors about the iWatch also turned out to be true… well… kind of. Apple’s release of a wearable device was correct, but it turns out is will actually be called the Apple Watch. Like Apple Pay, this product is aimed to “reinvent” the smartwatch. The user interface is completely designed around the watch-sized format. It’s not just a smaller smartphone, it’s a completely new interface which includes a new version of Siri and redesigned applications. It appears Apple put a lot of thought into the device and this may be the first smartwatch to go mainstream. It even works with Apple Pay to act as a credit card wallet on your wrist. Like the iPhone 6, AppleWatch will come in two sizes. It functions with the iPhone 5 or later and is expected to ship in early 2015. Unfortunately, the price tag will be a bit steep at $349 (and up).

All in all, this turned out to be an exciting event which revealed 3 new pieces of hardware and a new mobile operating system. Nice!

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