Apple Unveils New Macbook & Watch Details

Apple Unveils New Macbook & Watch Details

Apple held its special “spring forward” event today. As expected they unveiled full details of the Apple watch, but that isn’t really what stole the show, that honor goes to the new MacBook. They also reduced the price of the AppleTV to 69 bucks, and HBO will have stand alone streaming on the AppleTV and iOS products for $14.99 in a nod to cord cutters. It was also announced that 100K Coke machines will take Apple Pay.

The Apple watch details that were fleshed out were capabilities such as being able to answer your phone, send messages to other Apple watches, and 18 hours of battery life. By far the biggest news though was the pricing. The Sport version will be $349 for the 38mm and $399 for the 42mm. The standard Apple watch will be $549-1049 for the 38mm and $599-1099 for the 42mm. The Apple Watch Edition will be a staggering $10K-$17K as a limited edition. Yikes! Interestingly enough, other than the materials and bands, there does not appear to be any functional differences between the watches. It’s an odd gamble I think to charge more only for material differences.

The real surprise and jaw dropper was the new MacBook. It is a 12-inch (is this the rumored 12 inch iPad?) beauty that comes in the same colors as the iPhone (yes you can get a gold one). It is thinner than the current MacBook Air, and weighs a paltry 2 pounds. It only has one USB-c port. It utilizes the new Intel Core M processor and as such is a real power sipper, consuming 30% less energy. Its 12-inch display is a Retina display with 2,304 by 1,440 pixel resolution — a total of nearly 3.3 million pixels. It is also fan-less so will be ultra quiet. Apple designed a new keyboard for it as well, dubbing the new action a “butterfly” as opposed to the usual scissor action. It will start at $1299.

Both the Watch and the new MacBook will be able to be ordered starting April 10th. The new MacBook will be shipping at that time, with the watch shipping on the 24th. All in all a good special event I thought. Things to like, things to complain about… but interestingly the watch didn’t steal the show.

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