The Great Jeep Hack Of 2015

The Great Jeep Hack Of 2015

By now, everyone has probably read about what’s being dubbed “the great Jeep hack.” In summary, two hackers were able to take control of a Jeep Cherokee from over a mile away. They did things like change the climate control and radio remotely. They also activated the windshield wipers and eventually disabled the transmission.

hat’s controversial about all of this is the fact that they did it on the streets of St. Louis, MS. Some are calling this move irresponsible and dangerous while others are calling it demonstrative and gutsy. In any case, it tells a bigger story about how our connected lives are constantly available for exploit. It’s not just Jeep Cherokees either. The hackers estimate approximately 470,000 vehicles made by Chrysler Corporation have this security flaw.

This just serves as another reminder about security in the digital age. Connected convenience always comes with a security risk. Chrysler has acknowledged the flaw and is issuing a software update (for Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, & Dodge vehicles).

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