Apple Special Event Wrap-Up

Apple Special Event Wrap-Up

Apple held a special event today in San Francisco. Most analysts were predicting a new iPhone and new AppleTV, while others were certain this event would yield the rumored 13″ iPad. It turns out all of the were right.

After doing a demo of the next WatchOS (which will arrive later this month), Apple revealed a new tablet known as the iPad Pro. The device features a 12.9″ screen and is powered by the A9X processor. Apple also unveiled a stylus for the iPad Pro known as the Apple Pencil and  a new Smart Keyboard. The iPad Pro will sell for $799 and up, the Pencil will sell for $99, and the Smart Keyboard for $169. All will be available in November. The iPad mini also got some updates including a speed bump. This leaves 5 different models in the iPad family.

ipad lineup Apple Special Event Wrap Up

Next, they moved on to the AppleTV which received some welcome updates. In addition to a redesigned remote (with a touchscreen and 5 buttons), Siri has arrived on the set-top box. Siri can be used to search for movies and TV shows. More importantly, the new AppleTV will have Developer Tools and an App Store. Let the rejoicing begin! The device will also function as a basic gaming console that utilizes iOS devices as remotes. The updated AppleTVs will be in stores this October and will sell for $149 and $199 (based on internal storage capacity). The current $69 model will continue to be offered, even after the new ones arrive.

tv lineup Apple Special Event Wrap Up

Moving on to the iPhone, Apple updated the line with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. In addition to a new rose gold finish, and a new A9 chip, the updated handsets feature 3-D Touch technology. This permits users to interface with the phone using two new pressure-activated features known as peek and pop. In addition to a new motion co-processor, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus also have an improved camera. The pricing structure with 2-year contract is as follows: iPhone 5S = free, iPhone 6 = $99, iPhone 6 Plus = $199, iPhone 6S = $199, iPhone 6S Plus = $299. Apple also initiated an iPhone Upgrade Program which allows users to pay a monthly installment and upgrade their handset every year. The new iPhones will arrive on September 25.

iphone lineup Apple Special Event Wrap Up

All in all, this was  a pretty good event. Of the products announced/updated today, I am most anxious to try out the new AppleTV, but all of them appear to be worth a trip to the local Apple Store.

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