WD Releases $80 PiDrive Kit

WD Releases $80 PiDrive Kit

We’ve been writing about the Raspberry Pi since 2011. The tiny Linux-powered desktop PC has been popular with modders, open source fans, and general geeks everywhere. At $35, the Raspberry Pi model B is a great computer, but the quandary has always been finding a cost-effective way to add storage to the affordable PC.

Western Digital (WD) has heard this gripe and they just released the PiDrive kit which sells for $80. The kit features a 1 TB 2.5 WD SATA hard drive, but also includes a 4 GB MicroSD card (with SD adapter), and a special USB cable. The idea is simple. Copy your system files to the 4 GB card and place it in the Raspberry Pi’s integrated SD card slot. Then use the special USB cable to attach and power the hard drive. One end of the cable goes to the hard drive’s SATA port. The other ends attach to the PC’s power and USB ports, with a third plug that goes to the power supply. This allows a single cable to power both the PC and the hard drive.

This is definitely a cool idea! Way to go WD.

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