Nintendo’s First Mobile App Is Not A Game

Nintendo’s First Mobile App Is Not A Game

Early this year, Nintendo announced they’d be working with DeNA to create a series of mobile apps. Everyone assumed these would be game-related, but it appears they had something else in mind. The company unveiled their first mobile app, Miitomo, earlier today at a Japanese press conference.

The app focuses on the Mii personas used by their existing gaming systems. The Mii concept was introduced alongside the Wii in 2006. Using this framework, every player can create a Mii avatar. This becomes the player’s identity for social gaming. A player’s history, preferences, etc. can be associated to their Mii and shared across multiple Internet-connected systems.

Think of Miitomo as ‘Facebook for your Mii.’ That’s pretty much what the app does and how it works. It allows Miis to interact with their ‘friends.’ Miitomo does not provide any actual gaming functionality, it is strictly a social networking tool. This was kind of an odd move for Nintendo.

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