Geek Of The Week: R2-D2

Geek Of The Week: R2-D2

Filling in for Mike this week…

Last week’s GOTW was BB-8, the astromech droid who stars in the latest Star Wars movie. Back in 2013, we featured C-3PO who was a prominent geek in the early Star Wars films. For some reason though, we’ve never nominated R2-D2 as a GOTW, so let’s remedy that situation right now.

R2-D2 was an astromech droid from the planet of Naboo. His original job was to perform maintenance on Queen Padme Amidala’s starship (seen above). He went on many adventures with the Queen and saw the rise of the 1st Galactic Empire. Years later, while being carrying stolen enemy plans for Pincess Leia (Amidala’s daughter), R2-D2 had a chance meeting with Luke Skywalker that changed everything. On many occasions, the tiny droid has saved the day.

Star Wars creator George Lucas actually said of the iconic films, they are merely the story of Darth Vader told through the eyes of the droids. Needless to say, R2-D2 is an important part of that story and he evens makes an appearance in the latest movie. Not to mention he is probably the most recognizable robot in all of science fiction.

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