Geek(s) Of The Week: The Rentals

Geek(s) Of The Week: The Rentals

Back in 2010, we posted a list of 10 Geek Rock Bands. Number 6 on that list is this week’s GOTW recipient, the six-piece coed geek rock troop known as The Rentals.

TheRentals Geek(s) Of The Week: The Rentals

Fronted by former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp, the band quickly became a staple with geeks due to their use of synthesizers, infections melodies, vocal harmonies, and of course… odd fashion sense. They released their first album, Return of The Rentals, in 1995. The Rentals’ second album, Seven More Minutes, came in 1999 shortly before the band took a 6 year hiatus.

rentals group Geek(s) Of The Week: The Rentals

The Rentals reunited in 2005 and went on a world tour to entertain their geeky fan base. Since then, they have released 4 EPs and 2 full-length albums. Three of band’s EPs were part of a 2009 multimedia project known as Songs About Time. The yearlong project included photographs, short films, and other visual media in addition to music. The first EP even included rolls of exposed 35mm film which fans could choose to keep as a souvenir, or process to see the pictures. Oh so geeky!

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