WWDC ‘16 Rumor Roundup

WWDC ‘16 Rumor Roundup

With Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) less than a week away, the rumor mills are churning. Everyone is expecting big announcements from the Mac maker. Hopefully this year will not disappoint.

The list below is a roundup of the most popular rumors:

  • Siri coming to Mac OS X
  • Apple Music revamp
  • iOS 10 demonstration
  • Mac OS X renamed to MacOS
  • Apple Pay service expansion
  • Major updates to tvOS and watchOS
  • New Thunderbolt displays

None of these rumors point to any new Macs, tablets, or wearables. It looks like this year may focus on Siri and operating systems. Apple has been known to throw us for a loop though. They may have something sneaky up their sleeves.

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