Geek(s) Of The Week: E G Kingsford & George A Stephen

Geek(s) Of The Week: E G Kingsford & George A Stephen

Happy 4th of July everybody! In celebration, this week’s geeks are E G Kingsford and George A Stephen. For those of you who don’t know, Kingsford is the “inventor” of Kingsford Charcoal, and Stephen is the inventor of the Weber Kettle Grill. Of which many will be used this weekend.

The Kingsford Company was formed by Henry Ford (a former GOTW) and Kingsford during the early 1920’s. Charcoal was developed from wood waste from Ford Motor Company’s factory. The Kingsford Company was formed when Kingsford, a relative of Ford’s, brokered the site selection for Ford’s new charcoal manufacturing plant. The company, originally called Ford Charcoal, was renamed in Kingsford’s honor.

George A. Stephen, Sr. was an American inventor, entrepreneur, and the founder of Weber-Stephen Products Co, the company best known for the manufacturing of charcoal and gas grills. Stephen is credited with the invention of the Weber Kettle grill by cutting a metal buoy in half and fashioning a dome shaped grill with a rounded lid, which he began selling in 1952.

Today, we take both these things for granted, but just try to imagine a backyard BBQ without them.

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