Comic-Con 2016 Is Underway!

Comic-Con 2016 Is Underway!

It’s July and hoards of geeks dressed as their favorite superheroes are flocking to San Diego. This can only mean one thing… Comic-Con is underway! The annual geek extravaganza kicked off yesterday and will continue through Sunday. By 9:30 AM PDT today the San Diego Convention Center will be crawling with cosplayers, exhibitors, pop culture icons, and general geekiness. It makes us all wish we were in San Diego right now. And for anyone who is attending this year’s ‘Con… have fun!

con1 Comic Con 2016 Is Underway!

con2 Comic Con 2016 Is Underway!

con4 Comic Con 2016 Is Underway!

con3 Comic Con 2016 Is Underway!

con5 Comic Con 2016 Is Underway!

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