Geek Of The Week: Richard Devine

Geek Of The Week: Richard Devine

Throughout the first half of 2016, I’ve featured several prominent figures in electronic music as GOTWs. The list has included Jason Amm, Kraftwerk, Lori Napoleon, and more. Now I’m adding another influential music/computer geek to that list, Richard Devine.

Devine is known for merging the world of music with the world of the computer. He became interested in digital music synthesis during the early 90s while he was in college. A professor introduced him to the Csound and SuperCollider programming languages and Devine caught on quickly. Before long he was writing his own audio synthesis programs. Since graduating, Devine has collaborated with Native Instruments, Korg, Sony, and Moog Music.

Devine does not just create music software, he also performs/produces music. The Atlanta-based musician recorded his first EP in 1995 and 5 full-length albums have followed. He gained some early fame by doing remixes of existing electronic music compositions. Devine has also scored commercials for Nike, film compositions for Touchstone Pictures, and soundscapes for numerous advertising agencies. He maintains a website and a blog for his fans, and now he can add GOTW to his resume.

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