Geek Of The Week: Suzanne Ciani

Geek Of The Week: Suzanne Ciani

I’ve definitely been featuring a lot of electronic music geeks as GOTWs this year. Richard Devine was my last GOTW. Jason Amm made the list in April and the late Richard Lainhart in March. Geek rockers Kraftwerk were featured in February and the beautiful and talented Lori Napoleon rounded out the list January. Obviously, I’m on a roll for 2016, so let’s add another influential musician to that list the week, Suzanne Ciani.

ciani 80s Geek Of The Week: Suzanne Ciani
Ciani, circa 1980

Ciani began her music composing career in 1974 by scoring television commercials. She had formal college training on the piano (she taught herself to play as a child), but chose to use a 200-series modular synthesizer, designed by former GOTW Don Buchla, to create new and interesting sounds. Some of her early clients included AT&T, Coca Cola, GE, Energizer, and ABC. She moved on to do film scoring in Hollywood and eventually TV shows as well. In fact, if you watched One Life To Live in the late 1970s, you probably heard Ciani’s work.

ciani 2015 Geek Of The Week: Suzanne Ciani
Ciani, circa 2015

In the early 1980s, Ciani decided to start recording albums and performing her compositions. Since 1982 she has recorded 17 studio albums. Her early compositions were very experimental in nature, but some of her later works showcase her classical training with more traditional melodies and arrangements. Her music has covered ground from ambient to jazz. In 2006, Ciani’s won the Independent Music Award for Best New Age Album. Five of her recordings have been nominated for Grammy awards. She also maintains a website for fans. As of today, she can add GOTW to her already impressive resume.

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