Geek Of The Week: Gur Milstein

Geek Of The Week: Gur Milstein

Having featured several music geeks associated with modular synthesis as previous GOTWs, I figured it was time to include Gur Milstein as a featured geek. He is the owner/operator of Tiptop Audio. Like Dieter Doepfer, Tony Rolando, Paul T Schrieber, Eric Williamson, and others, Milstein owns a small business that produces Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. His involvement with synthesizers comes from: 1) his work as a DJ and 2) his understanding of electronics.

Milstein grew up in Isreal. He loved music as a child and became fascinated with electronic music in his teens. He went to school for electronics engineering, and consequently developed a love of analog electronics. Milstein realized the instruments necessary to make the music he liked were hard to find and expensive, but he was still determined to make music. This led him to try building synthesizers himself. Somewhere along the way, he moved to Germany, then the US, created his own business, and Tiptop Audio was born.

Shortly after Tiptop Audio took off, Milstein discovered many avant garde artists used his products to create new innovative music. Inspired by this, Milstein started a record label, Tiptop Audio Records, to help these musicians promote their artform. So, this music nerd has transitioned from an electronics engineer, to a musical instrument maker, to a record producer, and now… a GOTW.

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