Geek Of The Week: Richard David James

Geek Of The Week: Richard David James

We’ve featured several electronic music pioneers as previous GOTWs. Among them are Richard Devine, Jack Dangers, Deadmau5, and many more. This week we’ll add another influential name to that list, Richard David James. His fans know him by the name Aphex Twin.

sawv2 Geek Of The Week: Richard David James
Selected Ambient Works Volume II, circa 1994

James went to school for engineering and started working as a DJ in his spare time. He decided he liked making music and ending up releasing his first EP, under the name AFX, in 1991. The first Aphex Twin album arrived in 1992 and it is still one of my favorites in this genre. He has released 5 more studio albums along with 7 EPs and 8 singles under the name Aphex Twin. He has several other aliases including AFX, Caustic Window, Universal Indicator, Polygon Window, Dice Man, and few others. All in all, this music geek has 8 studio albums, 7 compilation albums, and 41 EPs to his credit. He has even won Grammy and NME awards for his work. Now he can add GOTW to the list.

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