Apple Unveils New Stuff!

Apple Unveils New Stuff!

Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage at the company’s new Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino earlier today. During the special event, he unveiled some much anticipated products. Among them, updated iPhones, a new Apple Watch, and a redesigned AppleTV.

The rumors about the iPhone 8 turned out to be mostly true. The name was correct, along with the redesigned cameras and AR features, but the home button did not disappear as many expected. Wireless charging has officially arrived though. A number of other features will arrive with the handset on September 22. Alongside the iPhone 8 is the all new iPhone X model. This is the 5.8″ edge-to-edge smartphone everyone was expecting. It will retail for $999 (and up) and hits stores on November 3. Oh, and this is the model without a home button.

A new Apple Watch, dubbed the Series 3, includes a cellular chip allowing the device to be used without a smartphone. It looks extremely similar to the previous models. In fact, it is nearly indistinguishable. The wearable devices will ship with WatchOS 4 and arrive next to the iPhone 8 on September 22. Coincidentally, both WatchOS 4 and iOS 11 will be available for download on September 19.

Finally, the company announced the AppleTV 4K. As the name implies, the iconic set top box now supports 4K HDR playback. The performance was increased all around and two models will be available, 32 GB and 64 GB. The former will retail for $179 and the latter for $199. Both go on sale September 22.

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