Geek Of The Week: Wiley Post

Geek Of The Week: Wiley Post

Wiley Post was a great American aviator and inventor. Though less know than many others, Post made a lot of contributions to modern aviation. He actually discovered the Jet Stream in 1934, he was the first aviator to fly solo around the world in 1933, and he invented the pressure suit in 1934. Not to mention, Post did all these things with only one eye, as he lost vision in his left eye after an oil field accident in 1926.

Post was good friends with entertainer Will Rogers who often visited him at the Los Angeles airport (the two men are pictured above). In 1935, Rogers was looking for new material and Post was looking to chart a new route from Alaska to Russia. In 1935, the two men decided to work together. Post agreed to fly the plane while Rogers sat in the passenger seat with his typewriter and notebook. Alas, the two men died in Alaska after engine failure caused the plane to plummet into a lagoon.

For making huge contributions to the field of aviation, we posthumously declare Wiley Post to be our 410th GOTW.

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