Geek Of The Week: Felicia Book

Geek Of The Week: Felicia Book

Filling in for Ron this week…

If you’ve read the comic series American Vampire, you’ll recognize this week’s geek. Felicia Book, above right, is one of the vampire hunters from the stories. She is the daughter of James Book, a lawman who had a grudge with Skinner Sweet, the first American vampire. James Book was infected by Sweet and spent the last days of life fighting off the vampire infection. He convinced Abelina Carmino to put him out of his misery, but first he gave her a child, Felicia Book.

Felicia later joins The Vassals of the Morning Star (Vassals for short), a clan that has been hunting down and killing vampires for centuries. She sees Sweet as her father’s killer and therefore holds a massive grudge against him. The Vassals find the weaknesses of each vampire species and then cast special bullets to kill them. It is not clear if Felicia has powers or not, but in one comic sequence she is bitten by a vampire and he spits out her blood in disgust. Unfortunately, this awesome series went on hiatus in 2017, but I’m looking forward to it returning in 2019.

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