The Lesson Photobucket Taught The Internet

The Lesson Photobucket Taught The Internet

Most of us remember when Photobucket “broke the Internet” back in 2017. The company changed their billing model overnight expecting customers to start paying $400/year for a service that was previously free. Needless to say, it was not well received by consumers. In fact, the company actually brought in a new management team earlier this year to try to save face. The rate plans were updated as the company tried to win back subscribers. They even released some of the photos held hostage.

alexagraph The Lesson Photobucket Taught The Internet

Despite these attempts, Photobucket’s Alexa rating, a metric used to determine the popularity with the public, has fallen dramatically since late 2017 (depicted in the graph above). However, it appears that it has stabilized since the leadership change. The company remains in business but some analysts are wondering how long that will last. This should be a lesson to Internet-based service providers everywhere. Do not piss off your customer base.

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