New Software Aims To End Netflix/Hulu Account Sharing

New Software Aims To End Netflix/Hulu Account Sharing

With CES 2019 wrapped up and the tech industry abuzz, there was small under-publicized announcement that may hold bigger consequences. Synamedia introduced new software marketed at streaming media services like Netflix and Hulu. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to track, identify, and flag users who appear to be logged in at different locations.

These services allow for multiple location viewing but many users abuse this privilege by giving their username/password to a friend of family member. Reportedly, the AI can distinguish between someone who travels for work and someone abusing the subscriber agreement. There’s a trend of “you subscribe to this, I’ll subscribe to that, and we’ll share accounts” going on right now and this software aims to end the phenomenon.

Will it be successful? Time will tell.

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