Geek Of The Week: Mike Watt

Geek Of The Week: Mike Watt

I’ve been writing these posts since 2009 and just now realized I’ve never featured my biggest musical influence as a GOTW. I aim to remedy that fact right now. This week’s geek is none other than Mike Watt. While Watt is not a household name, he’s certainly well known in the punk rock community. He started playing bass in the late-1970’s and formed the band The Minutemen with his childhood pal, D. Boon (and drummer George Hurley). They had some success in the 1980’s punk scene until a automobile accident cost Boon his life and abruptly ended the band.

minutemen Geek Of The Week: Mike Watt
Watt (center) with Hurley and Boon, circa 1984

After a bout of depression Watt returned to the studio with Hurley and they formed Firehose. Later, Watt went on to have a solo career and created a series of albums that changed my life (from a musical perspective anyway). Additionally, he created a website, Hootpage, back in the mid-1990s where he kept track of his tour diaries. Watt has toured pretty much non-stop since the 90’s and has played with Iggy Pop, J Mascis, Eddie Vedder, Anthony Kedis, Dave Grohl, The Beastie Boys, and many more famous acts. He proclaims himself as “the man who makes the low flow” and I can’t agree more. Watt’s bass playing has been an inspiration to me and will continue to be for years to come.

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