Apple Special Event Yields AppleTV Plus & More

Apple Special Event Yields AppleTV Plus & More

Apple held a special event earlier today. Analysts expected the event to focus on streaming content and they were mostly correct. During the event, the company unveiled several new consumer services. A brief look at each is below.

First off, Apple News Plus adds magazines to their existing News app. This is a $9.99 monthly subscription. They also showed off the new Apple Card which is a new type of credit card. You can apply for the card online and its delivered to your Apple Pay wallet. The card doesn’t have a traditional 16-digit number, expiration date, or CVV. It’s a new type of card. The card arrives this summer.

Moving on to more entertainment, Apple rolled out another subscription service similar to Apple News Plus but for games, Apple Arcade. They did not reveal the price at this event. The Mac maker is doing more to bring cable TV to your AppleTV. A new AppleTV Channels app allows you to subscribe to specific channels and pay for just those. It’s a big homage to the cord cutters, and should arrive in May.

Finally, they unveiled Apple TV Plus which is a new subscription service for original content. This puts Apple squarely in the same market as Netflix, Hulu, and others. They did not mention the subscription price but said it will arrive this fall.

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