A Linux Distro Targeted At Audio Recording?

A Linux Distro Targeted At Audio Recording?

Trinity Audio Group released their latest product this week, Transmission 4. They developed this OS to be a self-contained Linux distro with everything you need to run a recording studio. In other words, its an operating systems built around audio recording.

Transmission 4 is based on Linux kernel 2.6.31. It uses the Gnome desktop environment, and includes a suite of audio-centric applications. Among them are a drum machine, digital audio workstation (DAW), radio broadcasting application, DJ mixing application, sound editor, MIDI sequencer, CD authoring software, and more.

indamixx netbook A Linux Distro Targeted At Audio Recording?

Unlike many Linux distributions, Transmission is not free. An ISO download retails for $99. They also sell an Intel Atom 270-equipped netbook that is pre-loaded with Transmission for $599 (shown above), or a pre-loaded 1U rackmount system for $1699. The former is targeted at music/recording hobbyists, while the latter is targeted at professional studios. They even have a mobile device for recording on the go (shown below). How cool is that?

portable A Linux Distro Targeted At Audio Recording?

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