Facial Recognition Ethics Called Into Question… AGAIN

Facial Recognition Ethics Called Into Question… AGAIN

Just a couple months ago, Apple was sued for their facial recognition technology. It’s not the first time either. Privacy advocates have been taking a stand against the idea since 2015. Now the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is coming under fire for their questionable use of facial recognition technology.

Reportedly, ICE obtained databases of driver’s license photos from several states and is using facial recognition technology to find undocumented immigrants. Privacy advocates argue ICE should need a warrant for this type of activity since the licenses were obtained legally. Immigration proponents argue the individuals are in the US illegally and ICE is complying with their duty to find and deport violators.

The controversy continues not only with the tactics, but also the accuracy of the technology itself. Some analysts say the process is unreliable and biased – having a high probability of success with Caucasian men, but much lower success rates with women of color. Ironically, the US Government Accountability Office recently published a report on this topic. Many states do not permit facial recognition to be used in law enforcement.

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