Geek Of The Week: Julie Hanna

Geek Of The Week: Julie Hanna

Julie Hanna is not well-known name outside of Silicon Valley, but her contributions to the field of Technology, particularly email, are many (and date back to the early 1990s). In 1992, Hanna went to work for Lotus and worked on the popular Lotus Notes product. Circa 1995, she went to work for Silicon Graphics Inc (SGI) but left a year later to start Healtheon with Jim Clark. She went on to be a founding VP of Portola, which would eventually become part of Netscape. Needless to say Hanna was fully immersed in the dotcom boom of the 90’s.

Kiva Geek Of The Week: Julie Hanna
Hanna’s exec portrait, circa 2014

Around the turn of the century, Hanna went to work for, which was later acquired by She took the title of Entrepreneur-in-ResidenceĀ at the Mayfield Fund, a venture capital firm, in 2001. Soon after, she founded Scalix, a commercial open source e-mail software company. Hanna became a board member of Socialtext in 2008 and Kiva in 2009. In 2016, she joined the Mozilla board and became a board member for Girl Effect the following year. Wow! That’s an exhausting path to the present. Today, Hanna often speaks publicly and was named Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship, by President Obama in 2015. For all this and more, we proudly declare her our 509th GOTW.

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