Geek Of The Week: Simon The Magpie

Geek Of The Week: Simon The Magpie

Filling in for Ron this week…

If you’re into DIY musical electronics, you may be familiar with this week’s GOTW. If not, allow me to introduce Simon the Magpie. Hailing from Sweden, he can accurately be described as a musical mad scientist. Simon calls himself a circuit bender, which means he builds and modifies electronic musical equipment to make unique new sounds. He is probably best known for his guitar pedal creations but has has also modified many children’s musical toys to create something new.

crazynator Geek Of The Week: Simon The Magpie
One of Simon the Magpie’s musical creations

Simon showcases his work on his website and regularly posts videos on his YouTube channel. He has some far out ideas but they make for interesting musical creations and wild sounds. Not all of his creations are electronic either. He recently stretched some balloons to make them into impromptu bass strings. Crazy! For being part music geek, part showman, and part electronics geek… we nominate Simon the Magpie as this week’s GOTW.

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