Strange Robots Take Center Stage At CES 2020

Strange Robots Take Center Stage At CES 2020

Today is the official start of CES 2020, but the announcements started over the weekend. Lots of TV, laptops, and gadgets have been hitting the press over the last couple days. Among the announcements have been a smattering of robots and personal devices.

Charmin unveiled RollBot, shown above, a simple motorized machine designed to help replace toilet paper rolls, and Samsung announced Ballie, a ball-shaped digital assistant that rolls around your house (and communicates with other smarthome devices). PuduTech’s BellaBot is a robot waiter of sorts that can carry trays of food to dining patrons in a restaurant. Speaking of food, there’s even a robotic pizza oven that always cooks the pie to the perfect temperature.

Not all the robots are for convenience though, some function as health advisors. Ranging from an iPad app that can determine your health status by simply taking a picture of your face to an IoT device, marketed at seniors, that can sense when a person falls, health is a hot topic at this year’s show. Stay tuned for more news and releases from CES 2020.

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