Escobar Unveils Fold 2 Smarphone

Escobar Unveils Fold 2 Smarphone

The image above is an actual advertising photo published by Escobar to promote the Fold 2.

In one of the most unexpected mobile announcements of 2019, a new company called Escobar unveiled the world’s first $349 foldable smartphone, the Fold 1. Amid trends of $999+ smartphones, seeing one for $349 is unusual… and seeing a foldable phone at that price point is even more unusual. Add to that the fact that Escobar is run by the brother of famed drug lord Pablo Escobar and you’ve got the strangest mobile device of 2019. It had some analysts asking if April Fools Day came early.

However, the company is legitimate and now they’ve unveiled their second handset, the Fold 2. The new model is slightly more expensive at $399 but features a smaller, sleeker, and lighter design. Like the Fold 1, the advertising (shown above) is somewhat racy, but the specs are pretty impressive. The Fold 2 has Android 10 pre-installed, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU, a 4,380 mAh battery, a 7.3″ display, and is available in all countries. To show they’re not joking, Escobar even registered the domain Ouch!

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