The Coronavirus Is Wreaking Havoc On Tech Industry

The Coronavirus Is Wreaking Havoc On Tech Industry

It’s hard to turn on the TV, or surf a news site these days without being bombarded by cornonvirus stories. Many Technology-related trade shows have been cancelled due to fears of large groups congregating in small areas. As we discussed during Episode 166 of the podcast, some cities and states are taking additional precautions by banning gatherings in excess of 100 people, cancelling sports events.

Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others met with our nations leaders yesterday to talk about the long term impacts on American industry. Our Tech industry relies heavily on parts and manufacturing from China. More and more corporations are offering or even mandating work from home programs over the coming months. Unfortunately, not all companies have adequate VPN infrastructures to support large-scale work from home programs. With the aforementioned problems getting parts from China, it’s not clear if they can acquire the needed hardware.

The problem is more widespread than just the Tech industry. All American commerce is affected by this outbreak and many surmise it is over-reaction. In the meantime, we believe all people follow the guidance of regulatory bodies like the FAA and CDC and take news reports with a grain of salt.

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