Geek Of The Week: Doctor Aphra

Geek Of The Week: Doctor Aphra

If you’re a fan of Star Wars comics and novels, you probably already know Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra. She is one of the newer characters in the Star Wars universe. After first appearing as an ancillary character in the Darth Vader comics, she received her own series, Doctor Aphra. She also appears alongside Luke Skywalker in the Screaming Citadel graphic novel. If I asked what the two things George Lucas is most known for, chances are you’d say Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Well, Doctor Aphra combines the two. Think of her as an evil Indiana Jones in space.

aphra2 Geek Of The Week: Doctor Aphra

Aphra is an galactic archaeologist who has questionable values. She owes debts to numerous gangsters and crime syndicates throughout the galaxy. Aphra helped Darth Vader search for Sith artifacts and even recovered an ancient Jedi crystal thought to be nothing more than legend. However, she has a tendency to sell these items on the black market instead of delivering them safely to a museum. Whilst Aphra is a character of questionable morals, she always seems to possess just enough goodwill for the reader to constantly sympathize with her.

aphra3 Geek Of The Week: Doctor Aphra

Aphra’s ship, the Archangel, carries her misfit crew which includes murder droids 000 & BT1 (think of them as an evil version of C3PO and R2D2), and a vindictive metal-knuckled wookie named Black Krrsantan. The four of them get into quite a few messes along the path to profit. During her travels, Aphra develops a romantic relationship with an Imperial officer, Magna Tolvan, who later defects to the Rebellion. She also makes a shady deal with Hera Syndulla of Star Wars: RebelsDoctor Aphra is an utter roller coaster ride. I’d highly recommend this series to any Star Wars fan.

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