Windows 95 Just Turned 25!

Windows 95 Just Turned 25!

Microsoft unveiled Windows 95 on August 24, 1995. That means the operating system just turned 25. In a way that seems like an eon ago, but it also seems like just yesterday. Computers and operating systems have certainly changed a lot since then.

Some analysts say Windows 95 was Microsoft’s first real attempt to imitate MacOS and thus coined the phrase… “Windows 95 equals Macintosh 84.” While this has been argued by geeks worldwide, it is clear Windows 95 introduced the Start menu. Ironically, this has been argued to be one of the worst design elements in modern computing as no user would intuitively click on the world “start” to shut a computer off. However, most folks agree Windows Explorer was a huge improvement of the Program Manager interface used in Windows 3.

In the end it seems the OS has fans and critics, but regardless of your feelings towards the design… the OS changed computing forever. About 3 years after Windows 95 was released, Windows 98 succeeded it. Microsoft ended support for Windows 95 in December of 2000.

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