Geek Of The Week: Migs Mayfeld

Geek Of The Week: Migs Mayfeld

If you saw this week’s episode of The Mandalorian on Disney+, you probably recognize this week’s geek. He played a prominent role in Chapter 15 but was introduced in Chapter 6. Migs Mayfeld was a former Imperial sharpshooter before becoming a mercenary. He was a field operative during Operation Cinder.

Mayfeld, Din Djarin (The Mandalorian), and several others were hired by Ranzar Malk to spring a prisoner from a New Republic prison. During the mission Mayfeld and the others turned on Djarin and attempted to lock him in a cell. Djarin escaped and proceed to lock the rest of the mission team in a cell while still freeing the prisoner and returning him to Malk. Mayfeld was sentenced to 50 years imprisonment at the Karthon Chop Fields for his crimes.

During the latest episode, Djarin and several others freed Mayfled from the Chop Fields to use his knowledge of Imperial protocols and data. With Mayfeld’s help, they were able to gain access to a secret Imperial facility on the planet Morak and get the information they were looking for. During the mission, Migs revealed his hate for the Empire and ended up killing his former commanding officer. He also detonated some explosives to destroy the majority of the base.

Mayfeld has shown a surprising amount of character development for just being in two episodes. He went from a betraying mercenary to a man with convictions. After destroying the facility on Morak, he simply said, “We all have to sleep at night.”

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