LG Shows Off Transparent TV At CES 2021

LG Shows Off Transparent TV At CES 2021

The 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is kicking off this week. Unlike previous shows, CES is completely virtual this year. LG always makes some big announcements and showcases their ideas for the future of technology. This year is no exception. The company revealed an all-new transparent TV concept.

Where previous transparent TVs have only been able to achieve 10% transparency, LG claims their new technology will allow for 40% transparency. They feel there are many applications for this type of technology ranging from subway windows which can give up to date route information to the riders, to a retractable TV housed in your footboard (seen above).

At this point in time, LG only has a single 55″ prototype and there is no guess as to when it will make it to production… or how much it will cost. One thing is for certain, it won’t be cheap.

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