Chrome 88 Removes Flash and FTP Support

Chrome 88 Removes Flash and FTP Support

Google is about to release version 88 of the Chrome browser. With this release comes some enhancements to Dark mode along with some overall bug fixes and stability improvements. Additionally, version 88 will eliminate support for Adobe Flash and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) URLs.

The former doesn’t come as a surprise. Chrome started warning about vulnerabilities in Flash some time ago, then began blocking it, and finally disabled Flash in more recent versions. However, there was always a workaround to allow the user to continue to use Flash if they wanted. As of version 88, Flash support is completely removed.

Additionally, FTP URLs are now disabled in the version 88. This decades-old protocol has been used to transfer files across the Internet. It has it’s share of security issues, but has persisted nonetheless. Now Chrome users will have to use a different app for FTP tasks or switch to a different protocol. Google is implementing both of these changes to create a more secure browsing experience.

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